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Landmark offer a comprehensive service for all horticultural, arboricultural, and ecological ventures, from initial scoping through to project implementation and maintenance.

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Horticulture & Maintenance

Amenity Horticulture

Landmark offer an array of all-inclusive annual horticultural programs, lawn & turf maintenance, and upkeep of large-scale gardens and landscaping projects. Following a detailed site assessment, we can design and implement a Vegetation Management Plan tailored to your horticultural project – from detailed maintenance to complete garden overhaul.

Organic Steam Weed Control

Our team are trained in hydrothermal weeding – the application of high temperature steam and boiling water at a temperature of approximately 115°C directly to the plant. This heat rapidly kills herbaceous weeds and their root system. Further saturated steam applications to the garden bed and cracks in hard surfaces will denature and kill the seed. Application dramatically reduces seed bank populations and subsequently reduces weed germination numbers. The application of steam weeding as part of a structured Integrated Weed Management program will eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for harmful herbicides.

Steam Sanitisation

Saturated steam is applied to outdoor surfaces at a temperature of approximately 115°C. This concentrated application will clean and sanitise surfaces killing viruses and bacteria which are destroyed at a temperature of approximately 70°C. Outdoor application of saturated steam can be applied to hard surfaces such as pathways, playground equipment, benches, tables, chairs, and handrails.

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Landmark Environmental can help you bring your landscaping and horticultural ideas to life. Our team have worked on a wide array of projects and bring with them years of experience. We can cater to landscaping projects of all sizes and run the whole operation from start to finish.

We take pride in our two garden specialties – edible and habitat gardens.

Edible Gardens

We have a very skilled team with extensive knowledge in the establishment and care of edible plants and bush foods. We can design and implement a garden inclusive of edible plants, suited to the local climate and the level of upkeep you wish to maintain. The garden can be designed to suit your style and space: from manicured to more natural; from small backyards through to acreage properties. We draw inspiration from a variety of styles, including syntropic gardening and agroforestry. We use key permaculture principles to create harmonious, resilient, and abundant gardens. Our team promote soil regeneration using natural principles and we establish self-sustaining systems that require less time and money to maintain.

Habitat Gardens

Are you looking to wake up each morning to the sounds of birds? Or are you wanting to enjoy the calls of frogs on dusk or with the rain? We can bring your ideas to life and design you a garden that both attracts and supports native wildlife. By providing the right mix of fruiting and flowering shrubs, vines and trees, our gardens can help attract in a wide range of native birds, mammals, reptiles, and frogs. These gardens contribute to a network of wildlife corridors and refuges by providing a food source and shelter for fauna, particularly in heavily developed urban areas. We can adapt these gardens to attract the fauna you’re hoping to see, as well as install physical habitat pieces, such as carved log hollows, nest boxes, native beehives, habitat tripods and water features. Our habitat pieces are not only functional, but also enhance the landscape as art pieces in their own right.

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Vegetation Management

Bush Regeneration

Landmark Environmental can design and implement full bush regeneration projects. From small roadside plantings to large scale regeneration, we select endemic plants fit for purpose. We can advise on follow-up care to give the plants the best chance at retention, as well as manage maintenance and watering revisits.

Track Installation & Repair

Landmark can perform the installation, repairs, maintenance and decommissioning of tracks and trails while ensuring minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. Our team are experienced in remote access works and escarpment height access works. All works conform with National Park Standard Codes (track construction/ reconstruction works of Australian standard) AS2156-2001.

Erosion & Weed Management

We are adept at providing controls to prevent and minimise environmental erosion. By managing vegetation effectively, planting selected new vegetation and implementing other physical controls, wind and water erosion can be significantly reduced.

We perform weed control by prioritising methods selected to inflict minimal harm to the environment. Our Integrated Weed Management (IWM) programs focus on an environmentally sensitive approach, using methods such as steam weeding and organic herbicides.

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Arboricultural Services

Tree Care & Maintenance

Landmark carry out all aspects of tree care and maintenance from detailed canopy pruning and canopy care through to soil health and nutrition programs. Landmark are experienced and equipped to carry out all aspects of tree pruning and canopy care, from weight limb reductions, deadwooding, fine pruning, and canopy lifts through to full tree reductions.

Veteran & Habitat Tree Care

Our team have gained years of experience working with valuable veteran and habitat trees of the South East Queensland landscape. We can conduct detailed risk analyses and provide ongoing care of veteran and habitat trees. We can design and implement specialised management solutions, particularly for high profile trees, including nutritional programs and fall arrest bracing systems.

Tree Removal

We have the skills and knowledge to determine if a tree needs removal when all other available management strategies are not appropriate. When a tree needs to be removed, we can complete the task in a safe and sensitive manner. Where possible, Landmark seeks to recycle timber for other projects or in ways that maximise habitat values.

Stump Grinding

Landmark can conduct all aspects of stump grinding, from large stumps through to tight access stumps. We also offer a complete after-grinding service which can include the removal of the grindings, replacement of soil, and turf installation or plantings.


Our Cert V qualified arborists can conduct thorough ground-based and/or aerial inspections of trees to inform comprehensive reports and management plans. Our team will conduct the inspections as required and write full risk assessments, tree reports (including advisory of tree protection zones) and tree management programs – from single trees through to whole property reports.

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Habitat Creation

In partnership with Habitec, Landmark has a specialist team of arborists and ecologists that have pioneered and innovated the ever growing and evolving practice of carved hollow creation here in South East Queensland.

With a dedication to conserving South East Queensland’s natural environment, Landmark offers an extensive range of habitat creation services as better alternatives to habitat offsets. Services include conducting detailed habitat assessments, carving hollows into suitable trees, and building and installing natural wood and timber next boxes. If you are looking for ideas to enhance wildlife habitat on your project or property, get in touch and we can make it happen.

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Ecological Solutions

Ecological Restoration

Landmark offers a comprehensive service that utilises environmentally ethical practices for bushland regeneration, waterway rehabilitation and natural areas management. Our team have worked on a range of restorative projects, such as the Pink Underwing Moth – Habitat Restoration Project and Rankin’s Paddock – Regeneration Project where we assisted in the restoration of large areas of fire affected rainforest at Binna Burra in the Lamington National Park.

Fauna Management, Surveying & Monitoring

Landmark’s qualified ecologists can conduct fauna surveys and monitoring for any situation, such as:

  • Pre-vegetation clearing
  • Post-vegetation clearing
  • Monitoring fauna during disturbance activities
  • Venomous and non-venomous snake relocation
  • Protection and relocation of habitat structures including beehives, hollow timber, and nests

    Wildlife Spotter Catcher Services

    Landmark has a team of dedicated fauna spotter catchers whose role is to ensure zero harm and minimum disturbance are caused to wildlife during operations. Our wildlife handlers are highly trained and passionate about Australia’s wildlife and carry out fauna management projects with the highest professional and ethical standards.

    Fauna Movement Solutions

    Landmark is dedicated to the ongoing development and improvement of fauna movement solutions. We work with large government and private organisations to not only design and develop the required fauna features but also to recycle as much timber as possible and repurpose for other projects. We have helped design and install a range of solutions across SEQ, including rope bridges, culvert crossings and fauna escape poles. We regularly work with Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to design and build koala rest poles, implemented in their enclosures as well as many sites for Brisbane City Council and SEQ Water.

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