Our primary objective at Landmark Environmental is to always strive for net zero harm to the environment. Our company is committed to using environmentally ethical methods, tools, consumables, and resources across all aspects of the business. With a thorough understanding and passion for the stunning range of habitats found in South East Queensland, sustainability is always at the front of our minds.

Landmark Environmental is dedicated to enhancing South East Queensland’s natural environment and biodiversity by reducing urban tree loss, promoting ethical pruning and weeding practices, establishing and enhancing habitats for wildlife and supporting local urban biodiversity. As a last resort, we seek to offset habitat loss through the provision of carved hollows and nesting boxes, and by installing fauna movement solutions to create and enhance wildlife corridors. 

By keeping up with the latest innovative research, our company continues to transition away from conventional methods that are known to cause environmental harm. Some of the measures adopted by Landmark Environmental include recycling or reusing timber where possible, transitioning to less harmful energy sources such as battery power, utilising steam weeding and organic pesticide use, and minimising pollution from machinery and other tools.

We use eco-friendly materials such as oils that have been awarded the German ‘Blue Angel’ ecology mark and the European Eco-Label. We specifically use these award-winning oils by Stihl to minimise environmental impacts. Tens of thousands of tons of bar oils are discharged into the environment each year, having a damaging effect on flora, fauna, soil, and water quality. Bio Plus bar oil is a rapeseed-based oil that breaks down quickly and vastly reduces environmental impacts.

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Organic Steam Weed Control

Our team are trained in hydrothermal weeding – the application of high temperature steam and boiling water at a temperature of approximately 115°C directly to the plant. This heat rapidly kills herbaceous weeds and their root system. Further saturated steam applications to the garden bed and cracks in hard surfaces will denature and kill the seed. Application dramatically reduces seed bank populations and subsequently reduces weed germination numbers. The application of steam weeding as part of a structured Integrated Weed Management program will eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for harmful herbicides.